Fever is a very common symptom of illness in our environment. It is indicative of many different types of ailments. While it is nearly present in common diseases like malaria, not every fever is caused by malaria.

Many people assume that once you have a fever,you have malaria. This is not true. malaria is merely one of many causes of fever. The two conditions are thus not synonymous with interchangeable meanings. Fever means an increase in normal body temperature beyond the normal range of 36.50 to 37.50 Celsius and it is often referred to as PYREXIA.

The symptoms of a fever are hotness of the body with associated chills,which is a feeling of cold within the body as the temperature rises and becomes hot. When it has stopped doing so, there is rise in the heart rate and the breathing pattern becomes quicker. In children and in the elderly,the palms and the soles of the feet becomes cold paradoxically. At a high grade,children hallucinate and could have nightmares. From infancy to the age of seven, the potential for convulsion is high and in the elderly,there is confusion and delirium as a result of fever and the appetite may become worse.

Fever is one of the  most common signs of illness seen in clinical practice and it occurs in response to a variety of situations as it is seen in infections such as malaria,typhoid, meningitis,pneumonia and tonsillitis.  It is also seen in ear,bones and joints infections as well as blood borne and respiratory tract infections. Viral diseases such as hepatitis,AIDS,common cold and measles will also cause fever.

It is so much present in many types of condition that it is very harmful for individuals to sit back at home and assume that they know what is responsible for a particular type of fever and fail to consult the doctor early enough.


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Technology according to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary refers to the scientific study and use of applied sciences as well as the application of this to practical tasks in industry. Right from the creation of man,there has been the existence of technology though in a rather CRUDE way as at that time.  By 1980, the use of technology began to escalate till date.

Technology has become a huge part of everyday society life. When societies know more about the developments in technology,they began to take advantage of it. Digital technology has entered such process and activity made by the social system.

Our lives as at ten years ago cannot be compared to that of today. This is because of the positive impact technology has had on us as individuals. The importance of technology cannot be overemphasized as it has solely become the bedrock of our everyday life. It cuts across all works of life as one can barely do without technology these days.

Technology enhances communication,marketing,transportation,economy,agriculture,learning,advertising,etc…… The list is simply endless. But in spite of all this, can we just conclude that technology has been a ‘Mr. DO GOOD ‘all along? Also,considering the fact that it is responsible for the creation of atomic and destructive bombs and gadgets,the corruption of young minds through mass media,laziness,lack of social skills,higher level of deceit,pollution,to mention but a few.

The question that has been left hanging for times past is ‘Has technology done more harm than good or vice versa? The answer lies within us as we are left with our consciences to strike a meaningful balance…

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How To Prepare Your Child For School

Starting school is an enormous step in a young child’s life, and it’s a big event for their parents too.

Choosing a primary school

The school should be right for your child. There is always a lot of local gossip about schools, but what suits the child across the street may not be right for yours. As parents we are all interested in results, of course, but the style of teaching and the atmosphere of a school are more important than raw results.

In making your selection, think about:

1. the distance of the school from home and how long it will take your child to get there

2. the size of the classes

3.whether you want a single-sex or mixed school

4. what secondary school the children from each school move on to

5. where his friends will be going.

Preparing your child for school

Help your child become independent in using the toilet, in dressing and undressing (including changing for swimming or other sports). Provide shoes with laces, and clothes with elasticated waistbands to make it easier. Make sure your child can recognize his name. Name-tapes in his clothes have more purpose if he knows what his name looks like.

Tour the school and playground before day one. Many schools arrange for the next term’s intake to spend a morning with the new class teacher. Try to find other children who are starting at the same time as him.

Avoid talking about potential problems, and, if you hated your own school-days, it’s best to keep quiet about it.

Once your child starts school

He may be exhilarated by the experience of starting “big school”, but he’s also likely to be very tired at first. In many schools, newcomers attend mornings only to begin with. When you collect your child, he may be ready for a nap as well as his lunch. After he starts going for a full day, he may be hungry or fractious when he gets home. Give him a snack and a drink to boost his flagging energy.

Missing your child when he starts school

Going to school is an exciting time for your child and a time of change for you. It may be the first time you have been without your child’s company on a regular basis. If so, you may have lost touch with some of the things that used to interest you.

Organizing yourself as well as your child will give you less opportunity to miss him. Before your child starts school, think about how you want to use this new freedom, whether it’s paid work or a new pastime. Many parents miss their child, and you may be surprised to find that it’s not always the parents without jobs who miss their school-child most. Sometimes it’s the ones who’ve worked throughout who feel especially bereft, perhaps because starting school means that your child really is no longer a baby.

If you like this article, you will find many more child development insights from Dr Carol Cooper at http://www.ichild.co.uk  

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Career Development And Planning – Tips To Land A New And Better Career

Individual career planning development is centered on current skills, future personal growth and training. In these modern times, more and more individuals take it upon themselves to get the best possible education available and the work required for them to be successful in any given profession.

When employees put more emphasis on their career development and planning, they become better prepared to enter the workplace, climb higher up the professional ladder. Career development and planning is implemented in various stages. Some people purposefully shape theirs towards each given stage, while some simply are easily motivated and are prone to choose what’s currently required and maybe needed in the times ahead.

Career plans based on short term planning may force the individual to think objectively and realistically about the accomplishments for a period of five or more year’s timeframe. Location, skill, schooling and other costs come into focus during this period.

Long term based career development and planning usually keeps the individual inspired. It is a continuous process of reviewing current skills and the desire to enlarge and utilize them in advancement.

Counselors of career planning and development can be useful in helping individuals stop an on going behavior or the guilty conscience that comes with changing career course. For a person to be successful, he’s expected to ignore the subjective and objective forces that may try to (either deliberately or non-deliberately) to impede his progress. Pressures from the family can be a big barrier for that matter; this may include family members who expect you to join up the family business, or believe that your career is below them. Absence of motivation, mediocrity and postponement of major decisions is another big barrier. An individual may postpone a decision to drop that job he dislikes for a better one because of the security the current one provides, and the doubt involved in looking for and starting a new career. This especially holds true if the full-time worker has a family to feed and cater for.

Many people feel immobilized by the thought of steering their careers in a new direction the fear factor plays a major role here, especially the fear of failure, of leading their families down a path and maybe losing all that they have striven to achieve. Such fears, though mostly rational, can force a talented individual to change his mind. Career Development Planning Counselors come I handy at such moments, because they can offer valuable guidance to enable an individual decide on what’s best for them. This in turn removes worries and pressures associated with career change.

Sites dedicated to career development and also conferences offer interested persons information that deals with the various classes and types of courses they provide, tutors available, and the class environment requirements. Brochures and other related articles on career development and planning stages and worksheets are accessible on the internet at no price from many institutions. These worksheets incorporate checklists and goals for specific career choices, or just broad questions for anyone’s use.

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Education has been defined as the total upbringing of the child physically, mentally and emotionally. To achieve this, the child’s cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains must be properly molded and harnessed to produce a well groomed child. Basically, to be educated is to know how to read and write convincingly. However, today’s education strives to go beyond the four walls of a classroom. Pupils and students are also equipped with requisite knowledge that will not only make then mentally balanced and confident but to co-exist properly in a multi-cultural setting by respecting the feelings and opinions of others. Today’s education comes with great challenges. Most students today are beset with the problem of lack of focus occasioned by miscellaneous distractions on our various media – TV, Radio, Internet, Print and worst of them now is the mobile phone. There is therefore this struggle by parents, teachers, and guardians to ensure that today’s child really benefits from the quality education provided for them. Parents stop at nothing to source for good schools with the right discipline and academic standard that will bring out the best in their child. Luckily, there are a lot of good schools in Lagos that provide firm moral training with unequal academic standard. The one that strikes my mind now is Dee Unique International Schools. This School has proven over the years that she is a leader with practical knowledge of an excellent educational system. Dee unique is simply known for quality and sound education. The school has three (3) unique and strategically located campuses. Each campus is simply outstanding on its own with a professional framework for quality education. Its campus at Alimosho is located at 7/9, Dee Unique Close, Abesan Estate, Ipaja, Lagos. Education at this campus is always at top gear. Another campus is situated in Omole Phase II. This is particularly the school’s new ultra-modern education complex. It is simply an epitome of quality, finesse and great achievement when it comes to your child’s education. The Omole campus is located at plot 7/8, Somide Odujinrin Avenue, Omole Phase II, Olowora, Ikeja Lagos. The school also has an Ogun State Campus. This is located at 1-5, Dee Unique Avenue, Off Irolu Road, Ilisan Remo, Ogun State. The schools have both Day and Boarding facilities which are meant to provide an excellent educational experience. Dee unique is a place to be when it comes to education. It has Nursery, Primary and Secondary classes. Good education can only come from a good school, and a good school must have good educational facilities. At Dee Unique, facilities provided for quality education are just ‘UNIQUE’. The classrooms are spacious and well ventilated with low population to ensure better penetration by tutors and easy assimilation by pupils/students. Education today obviously requires an attractive and conducive learning environment, modern audio-visual teaching aids, internet enabled ICT rooms and Libraries , Laboratories and technical workshops with state-of-the-art facilities, experienced, highly dedicated and well-motivated instructors, standard school clinics, health facilities and certified nurses, air-conditioned transport facilities, modern sporting and recreational facilities, standby, sound-proof generators, etc. These and many more are all available at Dee Unique International Schools. One can therefore not mention education without mentioning Dee Unique International Schools. The school does not only harmer on just academics, rather, co-curricular activities are seriously emphasized in order to make the child balanced and well equipped in knowledge and experience. These activities include Clubs, Societies as well as local and international excursions. Notable are the Sports Club, Jets Club, Press Club, Young Farmers Club, French Club, Girls Guide, Home Makers Club, Literary & Debating Society, Arts & Music Club, Drama Club, Egbe Akeeko Yoruba/ Cultural Club, Health Club, etc. The School also organizes field trips to places of interest. Notable among their recent trips is the excursion to Obudu/Tinapa in Cross River State of Nigeria; the trip to Accra / Cape Coast in Ghana and a proposed trip to South Africa / Dubai. I need to re-emphasize that good education can only come from a good school, and a good school must have all that it takes to provide the child with a balanced educational experience. If you seek for an exquisite citadel of knowledge to nurture your child’s education, please look no further; pitch your tent with: DEE UNIQUE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS WAEC, NECO & GOV’T APPROVED *NURSERY * PRIMARY * SECONDARY (WITH DAY AND BOARDING FACILITIES) 

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