Technology according to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary refers to the scientific study and use of applied sciences as well as the application of this to practical tasks in industry. Right from the creation of man,there has been the existence of technology though in a rather CRUDE way as at that time.  By 1980, the use of technology began to escalate till date.

Technology has become a huge part of everyday society life. When societies know more about the developments in technology,they began to take advantage of it. Digital technology has entered such process and activity made by the social system.

Our lives as at ten years ago cannot be compared to that of today. This is because of the positive impact technology has had on us as individuals. The importance of technology cannot be overemphasized as it has solely become the bedrock of our everyday life. It cuts across all works of life as one can barely do without technology these days.

Technology enhances communication,marketing,transportation,economy,agriculture,learning,advertising,etc…… The list is simply endless. But in spite of all this, can we just conclude that technology has been a ‘Mr. DO GOOD ‘all along? Also,considering the fact that it is responsible for the creation of atomic and destructive bombs and gadgets,the corruption of young minds through mass media,laziness,lack of social skills,higher level of deceit,pollution,to mention but a few.

The question that has been left hanging for times past is ‘Has technology done more harm than good or vice versa? The answer lies within us as we are left with our consciences to strike a meaningful balance…

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