Dee Unique marks another prestigious Home Maker’s Day.

The event was held on Thursday, 3rd of April 2014 with the gallantry and splendor associated with any celebration in Dee Unique College. Parents, invited guests and other dignitaries graced the occasion. The Students thrilled the audience with various packages showcased to make the event worth the while. There were cooking competitions, various arts and crafts display, drama showcases, products displays made by the students, fish pond auction, drinking competitions by both the students and the  teachers, dance displays just to mention a few.

Invited schools also did various displays to entertain the audience with their skills and talents. One of the invited Companies, Spectra Industries also took their time to educated the parents and invited guests their brand of products and how to prepare them. There were samples to taste and try before informed decisions were made not to mention other gifts that were given out. Gifts and other awards were given out to deserving winners as well as the invited schools.

It was a momentous occasion, one that will linger in the minds of many for a long time to come.

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