At DEE UNIQUE, school prefects are not appointed by the school, but ELECTED by the entire student body. Within the 3rd term of every year, eligible contestants in S.S.2 are allowed to campaign for prefect positions. S.S.1 students are also given the opportunity to vie for the position of time keeper. After the campaigns, a day is fixed for MANIFESTO. Each contestant stands on the soapbox to state clearly why he/she should be voted for.

A battery of questions then follows from other students. The election proper is fixed for the following day. All students are given ballot papers where they engage in a SECRET ballot exercise. After sorting and collation by the electoral officers, the results are announced. The new ACTING PREFECTS are presented to the entire school.

This event is not just a social activity; it induces a high sense of responsibility and duty. It also provides our kids with requisite knowledge of what obtains in the larger world. Their minds are therefore energized and prepared for greater tasks ahead.

Click here for Photo Album on Prefectship Manifesto/Election


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