S C H O O L  P R O F I L E (cont')

Dee Unique, the fount of success and Excellence,
Dee Unique, my learning citadel,
I’ll stand tall, lift her name up,
So every land will know Dee Unique,
My pride, home away from home,
My future starts from now in Dee Unique,
Arise and Shine,
Let’s lift up our banner high,
To the glory of our motherland,
We shall prevail.

I promise to be a good and loyal student,
To adhere to the school rules and regulations,
Never to oppose the decisions of my parents and teachers,
To explore, discover, create and establish.
I vow to work hard today,
And aspire to become a pillar of success tomorrow,
To make myself a worthy ambassador of this great citadel of knowledge,
God is my strength.

BOARDING FACILITIES: Dee Unique International Schools, a co-educational institution, offers standard and highly conducive facilities which are designed to be a home away from. Our hostels are tastefully furnished with necessary amenities so that every child will feel at home and well catered for. We provide a serene and secure environment for children with diverse abilities. The hostels are managed and supervised by teachers who ensure boarders’ well-being physically, mentally, academically and spiritually.

CURRICULUM: The school provides a broad based national curriculum to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. At the end of the Junior Secondary Education, students are presented for the Junior Secondary Certificate Examination conducted by the State Examination Board, while at the end of the Senior Secondary Education; students are presented for the Senior Secondary Education Certificate Examination, conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and the National Examinations Council (NECO). All subjects in Arts, Commercial and Sciences are offered.

CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Dee unique international schools run a very   effective, efficient, intensive     and comprehensive curriculum.  Apart from  being   in   line  with   the  current  WAEC/ NECO  Syllabus,our curriculum is prepared to cater  for every aspect   of  a child’s future endeavour, whether in the Arts, Sciences, Commercial or vocational   disciplines.

Junior Secondary Subjects
Mathematics                                       Physical Health Education
English Language                                 Social Studies
Basic    Science                                   Business    studies
Basic   Technology                              Agricultural Science
ICT                                                    Creative Arts
Home   Economics                              Music
Christian Religious Studies                   Yoruba
French                                               Civic
Islamic Religious Studies

Senior Secondary Studies
Mathematics                                      Chemistry
English Language                                Agricultural   Science
Physics                                              Geography
Christian Religious Studies                   Literature –in- English
Islamic Religious Studies                      Biology
ICT                                                    Economics
Government                                       Yoruba Language
Civic                                                 Office Practice
Basic Electronics                                 Financial Accounting
Further Mathematics                           Creative Arts
Technical Drawing                              Commerce

ASSESSMENT AND EXAMINATION PROCEDURES: The school operates the Continuous Assessment System. Assessment scores are based on assignments and written test. These accounts for 40% of the overall assessment. The examination is based on what the students have learnt during the session and this accounts for 60% of the overall assessment for each subject. The school policy stipulates that every child should score nothing less than 50% overall at Junior Secondary Level, while the Senior students should pass six relevant subjects at credit levels including English and Mathematics before such a child can be promoted to the next class.

CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Our schools have strong affinity for co-curricular activities which are stimulating and helpful to the academic, intellectual and social well-being of the child. New skills are encouraged through cultural societies and clubs such as: Jets Club, Press Club, Young Farmers Club, French Club, Home Makers Club, Health Club, Arts & Music Club, Egbe Akeeko Yoruba/Cultural Club, Literary & Debating Society, etc.


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